A curtain arrangement style like a modern blackout or classical curtains with luxury curtain rods is often the most eye-catching aspect for every home as they give the most scope for creativity. Most blackout curtains that cover windows are beautiful in their way. In such cases, the art ensures that the “dressing” of fabric complements, rather than obscuring, the “architectural” framework, where the windows have no intrinsic merit.

Indulge your imagination and visit our store for a variety of elegant curtain ideas for decorating your homes with thousands of fabric choices and curtains rods for your blackout curtains, panels, or drapery, from sheers to light-blocking materials. Add designer-quality upgrades to your custom curtains, like our Ribbon Banding or Box Pleated Ribbon Trim for a unique creation; a classy look that cannot be achieved with ordinary, ready-made drapes or other windows coverings.

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