Alpha Hardwood flooring offers warmth, beauty, and value. Its ease of maintenance and timeless beauty has made hardwood flooring one of the most desired flooring surfaces,

Alpha Engineered Hardwood Floors are our specialty. They provide several important advantages over solid hardwood. Today’s engineered hardwood floors offer an aluminum oxide finish that is applied in a controlled factory environment. This results in a finish that is much harder and more durable than a finish that is applied on site. A floor with a factory-applied finish installs more quickly and it doesn’t involve the dust and odors that an on-site finish produces.

When temperature or humidity changes, woods expand and contract. As seen in the picture, engineered floors have a cross-laminated core. It is this cross lamination that provides the structural stability that prevents the board from warping, twisting, cupping, and cracking. Engineered floors can be glued down directly to the concrete slab instead of adding a plywood subfloor. A plywood subfloor will add to the overall height of the floor.

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