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Alpha Home Interiors has completed a vast array of interior design projects throughout Dubai, that involve the turning of an interior space and designing it, whether that be a villa, condominium, or office into an effective setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there. Our interior design projects cover a wide variety of Wood blinds, Shutters, Shades, Wall covering and hardwood flooring in U.A.E, Alpha Home Interiors design group is a multifaceted and professional firm whose expertise includes conceptual development, integration of client lifestyles, and the management and execution of the design process to satisfy clients who are in search of premium quality window coverings and curtains, a wide selection of wallpapers, or countless types of floor coverings - all available at the most competitive prices. In the past, throughout the UAE Interior designing companies and clients were always required to employ the services of up to 3 different companies in search of the window, wall, or floor coverings they wanted and by doing increased both the overall budget and time necessary to achieve their design goals. Now, however, clients are choosing a better option – Alpha Home Interiors. At Alpha Home, we stand ready to assist you with expert interior designers and a complete selection of the best window coverings, wall coverings, and floor coverings in the GCC. The pursuit of an effective use of space, user well-being and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design profession and throughout; Alpha Home Interiors continues to be a pioneering force in this regard. We take great pride in having provided over 20 years of exceptional products and services to our tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world and look forward to providing that same level of excellence and expertise to you.

The Alpha Home Interiors has the records of completing a numerous of modern home interiors designing projects all over the Dubai which include making a particular interior area more beautiful and crafting it in a much innovative way. The interior space may include the area of an office, villa, homes or a condominium which would be designed in such a way that they seem to be perfectly suitable for the various human activities to be conducted at that space.

The designing generally is done keeping in mind the choice of the people working there, the kind of job to be done over there and by remaining in lines with the objective of the product promoted by that particular company.

The various interior designing projects that have been done by the Alpha Home Interiors cover the designing a large variety of shutters, interior wooden shutters, wood blinds, shades, wall covering, Wooden Flooring Dubai plus all over the United Arab Emirates.

The team of the Alpha Home Interiors design is extremely versatile and highly expert when it comes to the designing of various kinds of interiors. The skills in which the whole team of our company is expert include incorporation of the various client lifestyles, conceptual development, the proper execution as well as management of the whole of designing process. All these are done in order to provide clients with a supreme quality of products which include curtains, window coverings, innumerous range of floor coverings, and a broad range of wallpapers. Alpha Home Interiors does the home interior in dubai in the most reasonable prices available in the market.

In the early times, the various United Arab Emirates based Interior designing focused firms as well as the clienteles had to get associated with in total three different companies if there was ever a need of availing three different kinds of services say for the walls, ceilings and floor coverings. As a result, all this in total lead to the high increase of both the time duration as well as the overall budget that is needed for the completion and achieving of all the goals of designing.

But now in recent times, the people have a novel and sensible option that provides them all the services at one same place. The answer is Alpha Home Interiors. This is the reason more and more clients are opting for our services as the days are passing by.

The team at Alpha Home Interiors is always geared up to succor and assist all its clients through a number of highly expertized interior designers and a wide range of collection of the window coverings, drapery and design, floor coverings as well as various wall coverings in all over the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Many of them are in the quest of making an effective use of their respective spaces, for the well-being of residents or the user of that space and purposeful plus functional designing has gave a great boost up to the market as well as the profession of contemporary interior designing altogether.  

Alpha Home Interiors has managed to be a leader continuously in this particular business arena. We are delighted to be able to serve for beyond 20 years for the magnificent products as well as services satisfying thousands of customers all over the world with their consistency in their excellence and quality offered.

Here at Alpha Home Interior we work with a belief that the window fashion elements should be pretty chic yet with a touch of elegance on them. We believe the motive of the window blinds manufacturers should know what basic requirements are that the window elements must fulfill. They should be made in a way that they are capable of offering the wanted privacy when they are put on, the function for which they are actually made. It is also made sure they provide sufficient level of variation control on the light intensity. The window elements also keep the room protected from the effect of extreme effects of heat and cold.

The sheer curtain fabric is such that these window elements are capable of are blocking of unwanted sun rays, protection from the harmful Ultra violet rays, absorbing extra sound to name a few.

Our team works with the motive to offer all our customers one of the most memorable shopping experience of their lifetime. The moment you walk into one of the Alpha Home Interior showroom or plan to have a visit along with the shop at home service agent you are get the privilege to have an access over some of the most beautiful product relays, several number of sample pieces as well as highly skilled assistance in order to ensure that you get exactly want you are in search and need for. You would also be provided with advice over product as well as the various designs and also puts together the customized order as per your specified requirements.

You get to enjoy the superior level of products as well service. All the features echo innovation and superiority in the quality and design. This is what makes them the number one choice of many when it comes to the choosing a brand for the styling of your windows with a touch of elegance and panache.

The different services for various products available here are as follows:

  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Flooring
  • Wallpapers
  • Blinds


Curtains are generally always the first eye catching element when one first enters a bedroom, living room or the sitting room and probably the most feasible place to show off all kinds of creativity within a room.

Nowadays there are various kinds of curtains available, where sheer curtain fabric dubai becomes the choice of many for the curtains there some people choose to go one step ahead by choosing for motorized curtains for their place.

Alpha Home Interior offers a wide range of fabric options, style and design for the curtains at the most reasonable prices. They make sure the curtain styling goes along with the color scheme of the room, architectural framework of the room and many more other aspects.


We have been into the business arena of window shutters in dubai for over 20 years. Some of the manufacturers of our shutters are the ones who have been into this for almost 50 long years.

You get almost any kind of shutter here; if you wish to go a traditional way choose wooden shutters , these are the most eco-friendly shutters of all times and if you wish to go the automated way then the roller shutters would be the perfect one for you.

The shutters made by us are precisely made focusing on the USA and the American shutters. All the shutters available here are made keeping a certain level of standards maintained and as per your requirements.

The experts here are highly knowledgeable and they know which kind of shutter as per your needs and would fit your shutter space very smoothly.

We have a record of creating the most unique of designs shutters, diverse and fair priced shutters.


The Wooden Flooring Dubai by Alpha Home Interiors provides a sense of beauty and warmth to its surroundings. Its durability and longevity has made it successful for them to bring the confidence of so many out there over the years. This hardwood flooring is our one of the excellent competitive advantage.


Alpha Home Interior is again one of the hugest distributors of the American wallpapers all over the world. Our team works with an approach that is result oriented and quality driven. The designs, palettes and styles available are traditional, contemporary and almost every other kind of style that you would like to get for your place.

Alpha Home Interior has managed to serve with utmost commitment for over 50 years and still going strong developing totally exclusive American wallpapers for the customers of United Arab Emirates.


Alpha home interior is one of the most leading window blinds manufacturers servicing all over the United Arab Emirates. There are several kinds of shades available here, some of which are as follows:

  • Roman Shade
  • Silhouette
  • Luminette Shade
  • Sheer Elegance
  • Roller Shade
  • roller shutters
  • honeycomb shade

Roman Shade

Alpha Home Interior is a very renowned company for selling roman blinds in dubai. The Roman shade styles are simply brilliant over here. Recently we have introduced the roman shades with the Safe Alpha -Shade™ Solar Glide system. A distinct pull tab affixed along that allows you to raise or lower down the blind as and when needed pretty safely, without the use of any kind of cords. A perfect example where beauty meets motorized blinds function.


The Silhouette or Sheer Solaratte is a kind of shadings for window that convert the sun light into magnificent beauty to look upon. The fabric vanes in them allow controlling the lighting in a very precise way. But when the shadings are totally raised up, the get perished into a head trail made up of fabric material. These are available in various shapes and size dimensions.

Luminette Shade

The Luminette or Sheer Vertical sheers are made in a way that they remain capable of providing total privacy to the users. They feature an infinite amount of control over the light as well as the privacy via the presence of soft fabric vanes and translucent fabric facings. These can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.

Sheer Elegance

This too has an ultimate beauty, design and performance, in it that again provides absolute control over the light with the help of the adjustable fabric vanes, sheer fabric which can be adjusted as when needed and the way needed.

Unlike any other window, this particular Solar Glide can be elevated along with the vanes still remained open. The light streams in via the lucid sheer fabric of this blind making your surroundings gleaming with light.

Roller Shade

Alpha Home Window Fashions

The Alpha Home window fashions are the special segment of the Alpha Home Interior that makes the best quality of roller shades for its customers.

They make the dimensions of these window elements just as the way they are ordered to by the clients. These Alpha Home window coverings have a lifetime warranty. All these are well embedded to be motorized.

Roller Shutters

The Alpha roller shutters are tailored in a way that they help in balancing and maintaining to keep a pretty comfortable atmosphere of the room where they have been placed by keeping the natural elements like rain, heat, snow, wind and many more all out of your room.

As a result all the energy costs for keeping the heating or cooling down get cut off to a very low level.

These roller shutters too have excellent control over the light making it easy for having a good sleep for an adult or a baby as well. If you wish your room to remain all dark, then too it will perform the best by keeping 100% light out of the room.

Apart from keeping the natural elements away, it also keeps the excess noise and mechanical sounds away. And above all it also keeps intruders away from your house as these shutters make it almost impossible for those intruders to break through and enter your house by becoming an excellent barrier for them.  These too again are motorized in their functioning.

Honey Comb Shade

The Alpha Home Window Faison also provides with honeycomb shade; in fact they are the actual originator of these. The honeycomb shade installation will provide you with several sorts of benefits like proving to be the best pleat retention, total control over the lights, several forms of privacy options, sufficiency in energy consumption, selection of colors and an easy maintenance.

They have a beautiful collection of these window coverings and in varied shades.

If you wish to know more about the various products available here and wish to get in touch with the Alpha Home Interior people, please feel free to Contact Us.

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