Pros and Cons of Wooden Shutters: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

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It is the dream of every homeowner to have an attractive yet simple window dressing solution to make both the interior atmosphere as well as the exterior look of their house better. Wooden window shutters have been the top choice for homeowners for centuries for their timeless look and amazing design variations and color options.

If you are thinking about getting wooden shutters for your house but don’t know whether it is a good idea, then read this article till the end. Here we will look at the main pros and cons of these shutters to give you a better idea so stay with us till the end.

Pros of Wooden Shutters

Here are a few reasons why we believe wooden window shutters are a good choice for your house


  • Aesthetic Appeal

Among all the available window covering treatments, wooden shutters are probably the most luscious and sophisticated. Wooden window shutters give you a lot of color and design options that you can use to contrast or match with the interior and exterior aesthetics of your house. These shutters come with amazing design elements such as decorative cutouts and engravings to give your windows the best looks.


  • Sound and Thermal Insulation

The wooden panels of these shutters create an effective barrier between your home and the external environment. When closed, these shutters allow minimum sound or light in which leads to a much better atmosphere inside.

These shutters can help regulate the temperature inside your house by keeping the warm air inside in the winter and blocking heat in the summer. 


  • Easy Sunlight Control 

The slats on the wooden shutters are highly adjustable. You can sightly, partially, or fully open or close these as per your needs. If you are looking for complete privacy and a peaceful environment to relax during the day, you can close the slats completely and it will completely block all the sunlight.

On the other hand, if you need more natural light to complete your chores, you can open the slats to a certain degree to maintain your desired sunlight level.                  


  • Environmentally Friendly

Made-to-measure wooden shutters are good for the environment since they reduce the need to keep your lights, heaters, and air coolers ON at all times. These shutters can be easily opened and closed to give you the best indoor atmosphere. Moreover, these shutters are made from organic material and thus when you dispose of these properly, it doesn’t affect the environment.


  • Increased Security

Wood shutters keep your house safe from all sorts of dangers. These shutters are foolproof in terms of security. Once closed from the inside, it is nearly impossible for you to open these from the outside. There are various locking mechanisms to keep thieves and burglars at bay. So, if you wish to increase the security of your house while giving it elegance at the same time, consider wooden shutters.                


Cons of Wooden Shutters

Here are a few points that show wooden shutters might not be the right option for your house


  • Susceptible to Damage

Wooden shutters are easily damaged as compared to metal or composite shutters. If you handle them carelessly, they can easily crack and you will have to spend a lot of time and money to get them fixed.  These window shutters cannot withstand persistent intense storms and that is another factor you need to consider when choosing these for your house.          


  • Expansive Window Solution

Wooden window shutters are a very expensive window treatment that can cost you about 35% to 50% higher than composite shutters. These window shutters are made from premium quality wood and that is why they can cost significantly higher than other window treatment options.


  • Can Absorb Moisture

If you live in an extremely humid and moist place, then wooden window shutters might not be the right choice for you. These shutters can absorb moisture and that can lead them to warp or crack. This means you will have to take extra care of these window shutters if you wish them to last long in a humid atmosphere.    

Final Thoughts

Wooden window shutters offer you a great many benefits that composite and other shutters don’t. They enhance the visual appeal of your house and maximize its value. These shutters provide both safety and comfort and that is why they are the best option.

However, these shutters need regular care and maintenance if you want them to last longer. These shutters do not do well in harsh weather areas where there is frequent rain, storms, and humidity.

So, consider these pros and cons before choosing wooden window shutters and we assure you that you will soon reach a decision that suits your needs best.                                 


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