A Simple Guide on Pergolas: Know the Types, Uses, Installation, And Costs

A Simple Guide on Pergolas: Know the Types, Uses, Installation, And Costs

If you want to get an idea about remodeling your outdoor area in such a way that it becomes interesting, stylish, and functional simultaneously, well, this is something for you. Consider it worth installing a pergola in your outdoor space. And no, we are not talking about a Gazebo or pavilion which are more often than not confused with a pergola.

This brief guide on pergolas will enlighten you on exactly what they are, types of them, and other relevant things like costs and installation, so stay tuned until the end. 


What is a Pergola?

In other simple words, a pergola is a kind of architectural construction within your yard and garden, or placed over your patio, having vertical posts with columns supporting an open roof comprising rafters and beams. 

The old-style pergola has crossbeams over it and gives only partial shade. To almost every kind of pergola, you can add decorative lights or plants in the area, giving your place the ambiance of an elegant and regal kind of feeling.


Main Components of a Pergola


Following are a few parts that are common in almost every type of pergola


  • Columns

These serve as farmwork that supports the roof of the pergola. Total number of pillars required depends on the size of the Pergola.   

  • Rafters and Beams

These are located on the open roof of the pergola. First, the beams are placed on the columns, and after that rafters go on top of these beams.


  • Ledger Board

These are used in the attached pergola where they replace the beam on the side that is connected with the wall. It basically connects the pergola to the main building.


  • Stringers or Purlins

These run on top of the rafters in a perpendicular position. They are used when you are looking for more shade.


Main Pergola Types


Following are a few main pergola types that you can consider for your space


  • Free Standing Pergolas

As the name suggests, these pergolas stand as a separate structure in your backyards, patios, etc. These dynamic pergolas are ideal for shading making them useful for nighttime meals and gatherings.


  • Attached Pergolas

If you are looking to cover a space attached to your main building like a patio or a deck, you can use attached pergolas for this purpose. It makes the outdoor space appear as an extension of an indoor room.

The two pillars that support this type of pergola usually match your house in design and color.


  • Arched Pergolas

These pergolas are more common in commercial areas, nature-rich properties, and green neighborhoods. If you are a lover of vines, flowers, and foliage, you can use arched pergolas to display this mesmerizing element in your outdoor space.

The arched pergolas do not need a lot of pillars for support. Most of these pergolas can stand with two feet or they can have walls on the sides for support.


  • Louvered Pergolas

Louvered pergolas seamlessly blend traditional charm with modern functionality. This outdoor structure comes with adjustable roof slats known as louvers. 

These slats offer control over sunlight, shade, and airflow. Their versatility makes them perfect for various weather conditions. The structure allows for shade on hot days and sunlight on cooler ones. It also shelters you from rain or wind when needed. 

Beyond practicality, these structures elevate outdoor spaces with elegance and sophistication. You can get pergolas in diverse styles and finishes to suit any aesthetic. Most people prefer automated Pergolas Dubai as in this case the louvers can open or close on their own.


  • Awning Pergolas

This style of pergolas is mostly seen in commercial entrances. They can be mounted right onto the main wall of your building thus eliminating the need to add extra pillars.

These can be installed over your windows, doors, and even garages to provide shade and improved aesthetics.


Pergola Installation


For installation, you can either order a pre-made pergola kit or try building one yourself. The first option is simpler and quicker but it can cost you more.

On the other hand, if you try installing it from scratch, you will need to purchase, cut, and assemble each piece yourself which can take so much of your time. Hiring an expert pergola Dubai installation service can make the job easier for you. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before instаlling a pergola

  • Measure and map the place and note down the width and height.
  • Decide on the material you will be using. It could be aluminum pergola, wood, fiberglass, etc.
  • Make sure to weigh the plants or other hangings you will be using on your pergola. This will ensure the material you use can sustain the weight of these objects.
  • After that, set up the base by placing it at the bottom of the post and fixing it with bolts.
  • Fetch cross beams, align them with the posts, and secure them with bolts.
  • Fix the top mounts so that they are level and flat.
  • Now bolt the mount covers into their designated place to give the pergola a refined touch.
  • Finally, you can add louvers to better control shade and ventilation inside the pergola.


Costs of Pergola Installation


In Dubai, the pergola installation costs start from AED 775 per square meter for wooden pergolas. For aluminum or other material-based pergolas, the costs start from AED 725 per square meter. The costs may vary based on the material you choose, the size of the pergola, and the customization requirements. 


Uses of Pergolas

Here are a few ways you can better use a pergola:

  • Some removable shade or canopy you add, just in case you want to convert the pergola into an outdoor room with no clogged natural breeze and sunlight.
  • Put a pergola on top of your patio in the backyard to get a feeling like a room. It will protect your patio from rough weather, including rain and storm, and provide protection.
  • Make your pool look more inviting with the addition of a pergola into it. You can add a screen over the same to make it more private and keep the pool clean, preventing leaves and debris from entering the pool.
  • Add some aesthetics to your plain garden with a pergola. You can also add hanging plants or climbing vines to the pergola in order to grow them in your garden.
  • If you have a walkway leading to your garden or front yard, add a pergola over it for a really cool look.


Final Thoughts

The fact is that pergolas add utility and elegance to any type of outdoor space, whether it’s a yard, patio, or garden. Be it a quiet outdoor place to chill out in the evenings or some special and artistic landscape, a well-designed pergola is the answer. So, invest in such a stylish and cozy structure where you can sit with your loved ones and make lots of beautiful memories for the coming years.

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