Retractable Swimming Pool Roof Covering

Retractable Swimming Pool Roof Covering

Retractable swimming pool roof covering is innovative structures provide the flexibility to enjoy an outdoor environment with the option to cover the pool in adverse weather conditions, making them perfect fit for your outdoor swimming pool cover with retractable roof. It is customized as per your requirement, and we have various other styles to fit as per your décor and budget. Designed with a cellular polycarbonate coating, the retractable pool enclosure meets the needs of safety, strength, and style.

Pool covers can minimize evaporation from pools. Outdoor pools gain heat from the sun which is an important contribution to heating your pool. If you cover your pool with, say a sliding deck then whilst heat is retained the pool is unable to continue to absorb the sun’s heat. A transparent pool cover will help retain heat and still absorb heat from the sun. Additionally, you will not have to deal with debris such as leaves and twigs on a daily basis.

We supply low, medium height and full height sliding pool enclosures. They can be operated manually or electronically. We also provide on water pool covering with motorized system in case you don’t want the roof system.

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