Retractable Polycarbonate Roof Covering

Retractable Polycarbonate Roof Covering

Retractable polycarbonate roof covering has a fashionable appearance and designs for minimalism. Simple and fluent lines, strong sense of modern décor, rich colors, eye-catching atmosphere for both home and business area. The ground track has a dedicated drainage channel for quick drainage. The track against the wall has a special waterproof cover plate.

In all it’s a high quality with solid and durable thickened aluminum alloy, non-rusting, and non-fading, it can withstand strong storms and rain. We are using strengthened polycarbonate board (PC board). Effectively isolates ultraviolet rays, protects our skin, and transmits the light rate that reaches 88%, the indoor is bright and transparent, and the thermal insulation performance is 45%. There are two variances, one is transparent, and the other is sunshade. It can withstand the impact of high-altitude parabolic, and the range of -40 degrees C will not cause deformation, no yellowing and mildew under exposure.

With this customized product, according to your space we recommend different styles. Retractable polycarbonate roof covering is available in various styles, suitable for various house types which gives your home a warm feeling and durable protection for the UAE climate.

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