Benefits of having a unique Pergola Structure at your villa


How often do we sit outdoors with friends and family and relax in this Dubai weather? Would you like to change the aesthetics of your outdoor / garden space? We have a great solution to this – add a pergola to your villa. Pergola is a semi-open structure that consists of a framework of vertical posts or pillars that typically support crossbeams which are commonly found in yards, gardens, and parks. They are usually made out of hardwood or concrete.

Homeowners who crave to improve the appearance of their villa- then adding a pergola to the list is a great option. There are different styles of pergolas available in the market. These are the common types of pergola :
• Wooden pergola
• Traditional pergola
• Aluminum pergola
• Modern pergola
• Vinyl pergola

It is a simple structure that can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space and it also comes with benefits. You can see a lot of villas in UAE having this beautiful structure build. Here’s why you can consider having this beautiful addition.

Define your outdoor space

Pergolas are open on all sides and partially closed on top which can create a definite space without making it look like a tight space. In addition to beautiful flooring whether it is concrete pavers, brick flooring, wooden panels, or even a deck, the combination of both pergola’s beams and pillars with the flooring will define your outdoor living space. It is designed to increase the comfort and enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Enhance your garden space

Pergolas are beautiful on their own but adding some hanging pots or climbers like vines, ivy, and even flowers can make your space look incredible as well as give great support for these plants. You can even keep potted plants that do not require direct sunlight during the summer when Dubai is very hot. You can use this space to make it a complete garden space. Decorative lights with plants around can make the whole structure look stunning in the evenings.

Provides adequate shade

Though pergolas do not completely block the light depending on the cross beams built you can receive an enjoyable amount of shade to relax in a warm afternoon. You can also install an additional retractable shade cover for more shade. 

Durable and low maintenance

Vinyl pergolas, particularly those that have been reinforced by an inner core of aluminum, are also extremely durable. Unlike wood pergolas, vinyl pergolas do not rot, chip, fade, peel or become discolored. Choosing the right materials will give you a long-lasting structure. They do not require yearly staining or frequent maintenance.

Pergolas are affordable

You don’t have to spend a lot to build a beautiful outdoor space. Pergolas are easy to build and do not cost a fortune. If you are more of a DIY person, you too can build a classic pergola which will require the right materials and research to what will fit your yard or goes with your villa.


Pergolas define your yard from an open space to a cozy, comfortable space thus providing you a decent amount of privacy. You can even add drapes, latticework, or even screens to any side of the pergola.

Visually Appealing

Pergolas are beautiful with added functions. They create a dimension to your basic backyard. Constructing a pergola to your villa can elevate the look of your villa to a whole other level. Adding plants and lights can make the look even more attractive. A pergola can take a traditional backyard or patio and place it in the elite class for comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Pergolas need not be the same. There are different styles and sizes which can match your needs and preferences. You can customize accordingly from patterns of the beams to the length between them. There are also many materials to choose from for your pergolas. For a classic touch to your house, a hardwood structure would be an option and cheaper than other materials but wears out quickly over the years whereas investing in better-priced materials like vinyl will give you longer durability as well a modern touch too. You can add curtains, plants, lights, or anything you prefer to make it look pleasing too.

Create Partition

Pergolas can be constructed to create separate living and dining areas from the rest of the garden or create different themed areas of the garden. You can also build a pergola near the swimming pool to create a luxury touch which is an excellent upgrade to your space. To complete the look you can add deck chairs and umbrellas.

Space for entertainment

You can have your outdoor parties and the pergola gives you the entertainment space for a nice evening get-together. From setting up a barbeque station or outdoor kitchen to having a special dining experience with your family or loved ones sipping in some nice cold drinks, elevates the mood on the whole. You can even put a few chairs and a TV and have a fun movie night.

Combine with other structures

One of the advantages of having a pergola is that it can be used as a lead-in structure like a veranda and gazebo, therefore creating an eye-catching outdoor living area. Adding some greens around then will even make it look incredible as one passes through the space.

Increase in the market value of the house

Yes, pergolas might look like a simple architectural structure, but it does add market value to your place. Since the outdoor living or entertainment factor has been popular these days, the value of the property in the UAE market increases with the installation of pergolas in your yard or open space.


Overall pergolas are a great inclusion to your property to expand the value of your house as well as serves as a leisure space for your family and friends too. Pergolas are a great addition to your villas in Dubai and other Emirates in UAE, being a region with a hot climate. It is quick and easy to install with long-lasting results. Enhances your backyard or garden space making it the most comfortable outdoor living experience.


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