10 Things to Know before Investing in a Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutter in dubai


Are you considering refurbishing your windows in Dubai? If yes, then plantation shutters are your best choice. Plantation shutters not only amplify the looks of your space but are also functional. Plantation shutters are wooden blinds that are drilled into window sills or door frames, securing themselves inside their structure. You can choose the style and colors of the plantation shutters as per your preference. Classic to contemporary styles is available in the UAE market.

Plantation shutters are one of the most flexible additions to your windows which come with their advantages. They offer privacy and can retain temperature. They help control the light distributed inside the room and also help with reducing the noise when the shutters are closed. They increase the value of your property and allow ventilation without compromising privacy and security.

There are different types of plantation shutters available in Dubai. They are:

  • Full height plantation shutters
  • Tier–on–tier plantation shutters
  • Café-style plantation
  • Solid shutters.

Are you still confused if plantation shutters would suit your space? Keep reading to understand the top 10 things to know before buying plantation shutters in Dubai. 

  1. Practical to use

Plantation shutters are functional for Dubai’s summer when the heat is at its high by providing you with ventilation without making the room hot. It also gives you the control to adjust the brightness you want by shutting the door panel or opening them. Plantation shutters are also easy to clean. They can be motorized too. With an exclusive override feature that allows manual operation, they are perfect for hands-free louver operation.

  • Easy Installation

Installation of plantation shutters is easy and can be installed in a couple of hours. It is crucial to get assistance from the professionals in Dubai who have the experience to get it fixed in good order so that you can enjoy the full functionality and durability. Support from professionals is critical to choosing the right type of shutters for your space.

  • Louver size

There are horizontal shutters that have slats, known as a louver, which control light flow by varying in width. Choosing the right Louvre size for your shutter depends mainly on the amount of light you want to let in, the level of maintenance you want, and the style you prefer. Plantation louver typically ranges from 2 ½ to 5 ½ inches. Wider louver looks beautiful for large windows and doors, whereas small windows would look great with a small louver which brings out the traditional look.

  • Tilt control

Tilt is nothing but how your shutters open and close. Your plantation shutters must be functional too. This is one of the critical points you will have to consider before investing. There are two types of tilt control available in the market, traditional or front tilt and hidden or invisible tilt. Traditional tilt has a tilt bar on the front of the shutters that are used to open and close the louvers whereas, in invisible tilt, the tilt bar is hidden behind the window panel, near the hinges for a clean finish and unobstructed view. According to your preference of functionality, you can choose them. In Dubai, both types of tilt control are equally popular.

  • Installation Cost and Quality

Cost of plantation shutters in Dubai range from mid-range to high-end.  Investing in good quality shutters are always recommended for long term durability. Prices will vary according to the customization. Plantation shutters can be done within your budget also. It is one of the most affordable makeover you can do for your windows and doors. Make sure you hire professionals to ensure an elegant and finished look.

  • Value of the property

Revamping the normal-looking window to magnificent looking windows with plantation shutters will change the vibe of your house in Dubai by increasing the value of your property.  This renovation is beautiful and will instantly improve the aesthetics of your space.

  • Material Composition

Do you check the material composition of the products before buying them? If not, then it’s always best to look into it. Plantation shutters comprise many materials such as ABS/Poly Resin, MDF Wood Composite, and Premium Hardwoods such as Basswood and Phoenix wood. You can decide which works best for you and your place and customize it as per your preference. Your consultants will check with you and help you with the best options available in the UAE market.  

  • Easy Maintenance

Plantation shutters do not require heavy maintenance and are super easy to clean. You can use a feather duster, vacuum, or regular cloth to clean the shutters. If your shutters are very dirty, using vinegar with water is the best solution. Overusing chemical cleaners can reduce the durability of your shutters.

  • Colours

Plantation shutters come in different colours of your choice. From pure white to brown/ black. Different colours shutters can be acquired to match your interiors or accentuate any décor. Plantation shutters can also be painted to get your desired look. The most popular colours in Dubai are the white, brown and black.

  1. Frame style

Frame style of your plantation shutters depends on the choice you make to achieve the desired look. Shutters can be inside mounted or outside mount. You will have to understand that each style affects the functionality and tilt control of your shutter windows. Your design consultants will guide you through all the possible pros and cons of each design so that you can make the best decision.


Making your windows look beautiful is simple and easy with the installation of plantation shutters. Most of the villas and residential apartments in Dubai opt for plantation shutters to increase their property value. It makes your space look appealing and gives you a positive vibe. Plantation shutters are your best choice, then why wait? Ring now to get more information!!


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