5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Arch Shutters For Your House In Dubai


Are you considering installing arch shutters for your windows this summer? Do you think this addition will suit your home in Dubai? Well, a lot of questions can pop up before you think of adding something attractive to your living space; it could be the pricing, practicality, and maintenance of your arch shutters.

Let us begin with knowing what are arch shutters and the differences between the arch shutter and the regular shutters.

Arch shutters are a beautiful type of plantation shutters that accentuates the arch-shaped windows, giving a spectacular look to your room. They can be customized according to your color preferences and styles. Choosing an arch shutter for your windows would be the best decision to transform a normal-looking space into an elegant and astounding space. Arch shutters are on the latest trends too.

There are not so many differences when you compare arch shutters and regular shutters. The major difference you will see is the design and the installation techniques. If you have an arched window then the best choice would be is installing an arch shutters because shades, drapes, curtains, and blinds, among other window treatments, either won’t fit the windows properly or cover the arch of your windows.

 Keep reading to find out the common mistakes to avoid while choosing the arch shutters for your windows to get the desired look to your house.

  • Conflicting color

Why is it so crucial to choose the right shutter color for your home? Why wouldn’t? Having the structure alone doesn’t give you a finished look, it’s also the color you choose matters. If you have a wall that is light in color then the best choice would be to go for darker shutters or preferably a similar color shade. Steer clear from going for two different light shades as it will not be visually appealing.

  • Wrong size

For sure this could look like a promising DIY, but no!! It is always recommended to have a professional hired to get the right size measured for your windows to get the look you desire. If the size recorded is wrong then the shutters on the windows will look lopsided, which could be unpleasant to see or it might end up not fitting your windows at all. Especially for arched shutters, there is always a risk of size going wrong if you do not have an experienced professional to assist you with the process.

  • Price over quality

If you desire a long-lasting product, with less to no hassle-free maintenance then it is best to invest in a good quality shutter. A lot of cheaper options with low quality shutters are available in the UAE market, but will it last long or give the look that you’re going for? Well, it’s something you will have to think about. Good quality shutters are available for the best affordable prices in Dubai. So why take the risk of investing in the cheaper ones?

  • Less to no research on options

There are numerous arch shutter customization options available in Dubai. From colors to style, everything matters when you are investing in revamping your windows, especially with arch shutters. They bring such beauty and elegance to your house. Therefore, thorough research on what you’re opting for really matters. Knowledge of style, louver size, and functionality is crucial in deciding what you want.

  • Poor installation

This is one of the biggest mistakes which can happen, even if you choose the best arch shutters for your house. You might have invested in the best product but it is equally important to see if those shutters are installed properly. Poor installation can result in poor functionality and give you an unfinished look. When it comes to the installation of arch shutters it definitely can be a problem. Therefore, it is best to get professionals to do the installation process to fix the shutters in the windows properly.  What would you do to avoid these mistakes in choosing the best arch shutters for your house? The one thing you can do is to pick the best service provider. We at Alpha Home Interior have a professional team in Dubai to cater to your needs and provide the best service. We ensure that the shutters we install are of excellent quality and for the best price. Call us at +971 50 5031215 or send us an inquiry at for further details.


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