Why is Everyone Talking About Installing External Shades in Dubai?

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Most of us enjoy chilling outdoors and having a great time with friends and family. The majority of the villas in the UAE have great outdoor spaces and patios, but what comes to our mind first? It’s the weather here. The temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius or even more. What can we do to have a comfortable outdoor experience? We have the external shades for rescue.

External shades are also known as exterior porch shades, which are shades, made for outdoor use. They are installed to block the most harmful UV rays as well as give you a warm outdoor vibe. They also create a modern look to your house or commercial space. Motorized external shades are the ones which are on trend.

There are many types of external shades available in the market.

  • Zip screens
  • PVC café blinds
  • Shade blinds
  • External plantation shutters
  • Rectangle awnings
  • External Venetian blinds
  • Timber outdoor blinds

With the help of the professionals like Alpha Home Interiors, you can choose what suits your property best.

If you have a good outdoor space then here are some of the pro list that will help you decide why installing external shades for your property is a good idea.

Perks of Installing External Shades in Dubai

Increase in value of your property

The installation of external shades is quick and hassle-free and gives a modern look. The zip is integrated into the material of the blind, so it is far less transparent than other outdoor blinds.   Adding these shades defines your outdoor space and increases the value of the property, whether it is a villa in Dubai or commercial offices.

Block the sunlight and protect from UV rays

UAE being one of the hottest regions in the Middle East country, we do not get the opportunity to enjoy outdoor space a lot, but with external shades installed in the patios or balconies, you can control the light coming through as well enjoy the outdoor experience without harming yourself.

Convenient and easy maintenance

These external shades are accessible and practical to operate because of their hassle-free nature. The simple design and easy locking system make it an efficient buy. The External shades are easy to clean and require less maintenance.


You can customize your external shades with different colors and materials too. In UAE, sand storm is quite common. You can customize it in such a way that your outdoor space is also protected from sand and dust, keeping your patio clean. You can even design your external shades according to the length you prefer.


External shades are very affordable; from basic to high-end, you can get them installed for the best price. There are different components and types in the market, and you can choose the one which suits your budget and customize it accordingly. They also reduce the energy costs, which is one of the most important advantages.


Installing external shutters in your patios or balconies, there is privacy guaranteed. The screening can be controlled and retracted as needed, providing privacy without permanently blocking your view. We all need to feel safe and private, then zipper shades can be the best option if you are looking for recreating a modern and sleek look.

Enhance the aesthetics appeal of your property

External shades completely change the look and feel of your house or office. With the available customization options, you can modify your outdoor space into a modern and private spot. It creates a comfortable space for you, your friends and family to come over and enjoy a brunch or evening high-tea.

Operational modes

There are two operational modes: Manual and motorized. Motorized or automated operational modes are the ones that are widely used at present. People who prefer the traditional ways can also opt for the manual options. Both these modes serve the same purpose, the only difference would be the practical usage.

No sagging

These external shades are measured by the professionals and installed by them; therefore they will make sure that the size is perfect for the frame. When the fit is perfect, rest assured there won’t be drooping of your shades over time.


The durability of external shades depends on the quality and materials used, but they can last up to 10 years and more, which makes them a better investment for your property. You will not have to spend on any maintenance. Low-key maintenance can go a long way.

Safety and Security

External shades can act as one of the best safety measures to keep you and your family safe. They can be a barrier for uninvited intruders and create a safe space. As mentioned previously they also give you privacy.

The advantages of installing external shades for your property weigh over any cons. They are simple, modern zip screen blinds that can create a beautiful appearance in your space. They are one of the most popular refurbishments done in the UAE property as well as in commercial space. With summers coming up, you could decide to get one for your house or office too. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss for a free consultation after the site visit.


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