Top Window Trends in Dubai to Watch for in 2022

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“If eyes are the windows to our souls, then windows are the eyes into the soul of a house.”  -Rose Tarlow

How many of us know that windows are a major part of the houses in Dubai that enhances your living space? Can you change the look of your windows hassle-free? Fortunately, the answer is yes. With a little investment you can completely upgrade to a window that looks attractive and functional too.

Upgrading your windows can also be on your checklist. In Dubai, you will come to notice that all the residential structures (apartments, villas, townhouses, etc.) and commercial spaces have a lot of windows. It comes in different sizes ranging from small to big, wide to narrow. Windows serves the purpose of making your space look bigger and also improves the visual appearance of your room.

The best design ideas come from various sources – like magazines, the most-followed web pages, social media posts, influencers, technology changes, different cultures, lifestyle demands, and insights from professionals. We continually engage with these sources to understand which trends attract interest, are functional, and offer the most personalized options for us.

Benefits of having a window

Windows might be underrated, but they serve a great purpose. Having them maintained and upgrading them from time to time is essential. They have a list of advantages:-

  • Enhance the visual appearance of your house
  • Brightens the space 
  • Boosts energy levels during the daytime
  • Provide safety and security
  • Increases airflow and maintains temperature
  • Increase the value of your property

Floor to Ceiling

This is one of the most popular window designs that you will find in the UAE these days. Many apartments in Dubai or even those who are renovating or constructing a new house prefer the floor to ceiling windows. The windows stretch the entire height of your wall from floor to ceiling or as close to that as possible. This design gives an impression of a big space and lets a lot of light inside which results in giving a peaceful and energetic feel. Shutters, curtains, and blinds can further improve the space, giving it an impressive appearance.

Arched Window

Arched windows are a timeless design that can be constructed in any property whether the room is spacious or restricted also at any commercial space. They add a curved element to your house. The window covering of these windows can be custom-made to personal preferences with different materials, colors, and designs. And adding sheer curtains will give privacy and also keep the room bright. These windows create an elegant façade to your residence.


As fancy as it sounds, these types of windows have been there since ancient times and are still trending. Of course, the designs and implementation process have changed, but its purpose remains intact. It is one of the modern and practical designs that can add value to your property. They range from motorized versions to manual ones. They save energy consumption too. Skylights can bring such an aesthetic appearance to your room, and they are also environmentally friendly.

Window Shutters

Shutter windows are one of the most popular upgrades in Dubai residences. They come in various colors, designs, and materials. The most popular ones available in the market are plantation shutter, arch shutter, sunburst shutter, wooden shutter, and external roller shutter. Installing these windows comes with many advantages. They increase privacy, save energy consumption, block out light when needed, are very functional, durable, and long-lasting, also increase the property value. They add style and elegance to your house. These shutters can fit in any window. These are the best option if you are considering revamping your place.

Black Windows

Black windows make a statement and have been doing so for decades. Inspired by the history and modernized for present-day design principles, black windows can take your home’s exterior or interior style to new heights. This window style can generate beautiful outside views and also gives modern look to your house. You can find these windows installed in villas here in UAE. These windows give you an illusion of a huge space. They can be fixed in kitchens also with addition to blinds giving them a beautiful appearance.

Windows provide warmth and beauty. If you have an idea of tweaking your living space, make sure you upgrade your windows too. Choosing the right style for your home and office will elevate your space. It’s always recommended taking assistance from professionals, especially while installing skylights and shutters. Investing in a good window in UAE is always worth it.


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