How Do You Clean Wooden Blinds? The Complete Guide

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The blinds are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, dust, pollution, pollen, and bacteria on a daily basis. All of these things combine to decrease the sparkling appearance of blinds. Your window blinds’ dusty and dreary appearance can also reduce the glitz of your home’s interior.

Cleaning wooden blinds on a regular basis is necessary to keep them functioning and aesthetically pleasing. However, keeping your blinds looking and feeling brand new is not easy, especially in locations prone to dust storms, rainstorms, and other extreme weather.

How to Clean Wooden Blinds the Best Way

There are numerous methods for cleaning wooden blinds. Some of these treatments are meant to remove specific strains or marks, while others are used to increase the shine of your blinds. We’ve chosen the simplest and most cost-effective methods for cleaning wooden blinds at home.

1. Use a dry cloth to clean wooden blinds.

Unlike metal, plastic, or cloth blinds, wooden bamboo blinds require a unique set of cleaning techniques. These blinds should not be washed with any conventional liquid agent or water since the excessive moisture content would harm them. Cleaning the blinds with water on a frequent basis will cause them to grow and distort, reducing their attractiveness.

The simplest way to clean wooden blinds is with a lint-free dry cloth. Close and sweep the blinds to remove any dust particles. Open the blinds and repeat the procedure to thoroughly clean them. It will aid in the removal of all dust from the underside of the slats. Some individuals prefer to dust their blinds using a thin soft duster, while others use specialist cleaning products.

2. To clean wooden blinds, use a damp cloth.

The window blinds in Dubai are exposed to the elements and have persistent spots on the surface blinds. These markings are uncleanable with a soft duster or a dry cloth. It is recommended that you use a moist cloth to wipe your blinds of any markings or spots on the surface of the blinds for this reason.

To clean wooden blinds, however, a damp cloth should be lightly rubbed. Because severe polishing will damage the paint or varnish that is used to finish your blinds.

This damp cloth will lift the stain marks, which can then be removed with a dry cloth. It is a simple method for removing tough stains from wooden blinds. The stains can be caused by any markings, rain impacts, or bird droppings and can be tough to remove. In this manner, a damp cloth can clean the blinds and keep them sparkling.

3. Clean Wooden Blinds with a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum with a gentle brush attachment can be used to clean wooden blinds. To accomplish this, take one slat at a time and run the vacuum over it to completely clean it. To clean the slats, use the same manner as before. If the highest blinds are out of reach, use a well-positioned stool to reach them and clean them.

It is a cost-effective method of cleaning wooden blinds at home. This cleaning procedure is more successful than using a dry or damp cloth. A strong suction force, on the other hand, can harm the blinds by dragging the slats downward. As a result, when cleaning wooden blinds, it is best to retain the slats in your hand and use less force.

4. Use a Wood Conditioner to Shine Wooden Blinds

The continual sunshine deteriorates the wooden panel blinds, and their gleaming beauty diminishes over time. After washing the blinds, use a wood conditioner to restore their sparkling appearance. On restore the gleaming appearance of clean wooden blinds, use a lemon oil conditioner on the cords and hardware.

5. Clean Wooden Blinds Without Dismantling Them

Automated wooden blinds placed for ease and energy efficiency do not need to be removed to clean. Regular dusting practice helps maintain the luster of these blinds. Position the slats using a remote for complete cleaning; do not move the slats manually as this may cause harm.

Pour no water onto the surface of the blinds to prevent them from expanding or wrapping.

Simplest Ways to Clean Faux Wooden Blinds

The composition of faux wooden blinds differs from that of actual wooden blinds. Polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl, or composite are used to make faux blinds. To separate them from real timber blinds, these blinds have regular and similar repeated grain patterns. They can, however, resemble natural timber blinds, especially when varnished.

Faux blinds require distinct cleaning procedures because they are not made of natural wood, and any moisture content will not damage their appearance. A microfiber cloth or soft duster is the finest way to clean faux blinds.

Dip a cloth in a mixture of water and detergent to remove stubborn markings and stains.

The Final Note!

A tidy window blind adds to the glitz and opulence of your space. It maintains the air quality in your room and creates a clean environment. Cleaning wooden blinds on a regular basis is recommended to lessen your workload while also maintaining the beauty of your blinds. A cleaning schedule like this will maintain your blinds in excellent condition for maximum functionality. You now understand how to clean wooden blinds to achieve the greatest ornamental and practical outcomes.


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