Different Methods for Converting Your Window Blinds to Smart Blinds

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Window blinds are an excellent way to enhance your interior design, but what if you don’t want to get up and close them yourself? You can use a variety of strategies to transform your window blinds into smart blinds for this reason. Smart blinds can be installed on all of your home’s windows.

home curtains and blinds in dubai

However, it can be unreasonably expensive and drain your bank account. Smart blinds can modernize your home and provide a futuristic touch to its interior design. There are numerous DIY methods for converting existing window blinds into smart blinds. To complete this task on your own, you’ll need additional hardware, which differs depending on the sort of Blinds Dubai you have.

Why Should You Purchase Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds do not require any physical exertion to work because they may be operated via a remote controller, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or another digital way. By filtering sunlight during the warmest times of the day, smart blackout blinds provide comfort to your space while also helping to minimize your energy expenses.

Converting Your Window Blinds to Smart Blinds

Window blinds can be transformed into smart blinds at home using simple tools and techniques. We’ve detailed various strategies for converting your window blinds into smart ones, and these concepts apply to all types of blinds.

Smart Blinds Automation Kit

This automation kit can assist you in converting your window blinds to smart blinds. This can be an expensive option, but it is also quite easy and advanced. It is compatible with horizontal window blinds operated by cord loops. It is a battery-powered kit with the option of installing solar panels.

Brunt Blind Engine Kit for Smart Electric Blinds

Brunt blind engine tools are available to help you automate your window blinds. It is compatible with roller blinds, vertical and horizontal blinds, curtains, and other types of window treatments and can convert them into smart electric blinds. It contains two gears for cords and beads (small or large) for optimal operation. This gearbox is simple to install on the window frame or the wall.

Axis Gear for Intelligent Blinds

This technique is quite similar to the brunt blind technique described above. It is not visually appealing, but it is useful and uncomplicated. It employs an axis gear that can be installed in less than five minutes.
Touch strips are required for the proper operation of these blinds, and a three-second touch is sufficient.

These smart blinds are readily controlled by a smartphone app that supports Bluetooth-enabled control. It is also an expensive alternative for personalizing your window blinds.

Smart Blinds Electric Blind Motor

Converting all of your window blinds to smart blinds utilizing electric motors is also known as the “zemismart option”. In this approach, an axis gear-like device is placed. It is likewise only compatible with vertical blinds (Roman shades, sliding blinds, and curtains), but it costs less than half as much as the axis gear approach.

LoraTap Wi-Fi Motorized Blinds Switch

It is the most basic solution, however, it only works with motorized blinds and does not support standard window blinds.

Motorized blinds contain four cables and operate best when installed with a Wi-Fi switch.
It provides a wide range of options for controlling smart blinds, including Google Assistant, Alexa, a touch feature, a timer, and so on. It is a low-cost option that can be made compatible with specific motorized blinds by using connectors and adaptors. The main limitation is that it cannot be used with standard window blinds.

Intelligent Motorized Blind Wands

Smart switches and motorized add-ons are available to transform your window blinds into smart blinds. These wands or switches are designed to work with both horizontal and vertical Venetian blinds. This method is distinct in that it employs radiofrequency technology to operate blinds. This technology is outfitted with the most up-to-date sensors and remote access.

Smart Blinds that are Automated

You may convert your window blinds into smart blinds by automating them. It offers numerous advantages in addition to the typical morning and evening schedule. Apps for smartphones can help to partially or entirely adjust these blinds using temperature sensors. These smart blinds operate automatically, eliminating the need for manual control. You may program the shades to open and close based on your priorities. It will help you save money by lowering your energy use.


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