Basswood Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Basswood plantation shutters are less time-consuming and poplar basswood plantation shutters aren’t excessively high-maintenance. Plantation shutters look amazing but will also benefit your home in a few ways. Since they are great at keeping out the light from the sun, they will keep your home cooler during the summer and lower your electric bill. This will […]

How Do You Clean Wooden Blinds? The Complete Guide

wooden blinds cleaning service in dubai

The blinds are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, dust, pollution, pollen, and bacteria on a daily basis. All of these things combine to decrease the sparkling appearance of blinds. Your window blinds’ dusty and dreary appearance can also reduce the glitz of your home’s interior. Cleaning wooden blinds on a regular basis is […]

Honeycomb Skylight shades motorized

While skylights have several great advantages one that can control natural light seeping through the skylight and into your home which is best suitable for glass top windows which also helps to reduce unwanted heat!We carry shades which can let certain amount of light coming inside or completely block the light with remote control operating […]

10 Things to Know before Investing in a Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutter in dubai

Are you considering refurbishing your windows in Dubai? If yes, then plantation shutters are your best choice. Plantation shutters not only amplify the looks of your space but are also functional. Plantation shutters are wooden blinds that are drilled into window sills or door frames, securing themselves inside their structure. You can choose the style […]

Plantation Shutters – Arabian Ranches 2

Better than Best type of Window Coverings! With Window Shutter you can’t go wrong. This type of wooden shutters goes well with any type of space giving ancient touch to it. Plantation Shutters come with a heap of aesthetic and practical advantages, the clean lines of the louvred slats bring a brighter and fresher feel […]

White Shutters

White Plantation Shutter

Our Plantation Shutters have been carefully selected to give the best quality and prices on the market. Our range of shutters are made of basswood with custom-made, to snugly fit in windows of any size, and give you a timeless look. All our Shutters come with guarantee, so you can be at peace of mind […]

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